Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

Travel the world!

Maybe travelling helps finding oneself, maybe not. Back at home there might be no changes.

The past year I tried it nevertheless and travelled a lot. Some impressions can be found below.

 View from the St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican
Foggy Beach, Canet Plage, France
Lighthouse, Texel, Netherlands

Stairs, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Carousel, Canet-en-Roussillon, France
 St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican

Auschwitz, Poland
"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again." - George Santayana

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Seal, Dortmund, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Jewish District, Krakau, Poland

Birkenau, Poland

Michelangelo's David, Firenze, Italy

Auschwitz, Poland

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican

Firenze, Italy

Collioure, France

Musei Vaticani, Vatican

Verona, Italy
Texel, Netherlands

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